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You are aware that online marketing can contribute significantly to the growth of your company, but you are unsure of where to start. Or you do have the knowledge and experience, but face difficulty when trying to decide the right course for your organisation.

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We help companies grow by determining the proper online strategy. We work on an online strategy that corresponds to your wishes and your customers’ wishes. That is the only way to grow.

Result is what drives us and we might have a bit of a stubborn personality, that is why we tell you honestly when what you want isn’t going to work. It is our job to guard the process and look for ways to improve. With the ever changing digital world in our mind, we create surprising insights for your organisation.

Our expertise

E-commerce and enhanced e-commerce

Where standard e-commerce provides insight in specific orders after completion, enhanced e-commerce provides insight in the entire process. Enhanced e-commerce provides you not only with information about the behaviour of …

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We can create a convenient overview by making a dashboard. This dashboard shows all current company information and data. This overview gives insight into what actions to take and what …

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Conversion optimisation

This is how you can capitalise your number of visitors By structurally measuring, optimising and analysing you can increase your website’s conversion percentage. In other words: conversion optimisation. Our specialists …

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Our work

De Wijnbeurs

De Wijnbeurs is a webshop that focuses on the online sale of wine in the Netherlands and Belgium. They imported directly without the intervention of other parties. Prodos is responsible …

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Wijnvoordeel is the largest webshop in the Netherlands and Belgium in the online sale of wine. Prodos is responsible for the performance of the Shopping and Search campaigns within the …

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Koffievoordeel & Koffiemarkt

Koffievoordeel en Koffiemarkt are two labels of E-luscious and they focus on the sale of coffee and accessories on the Dutch and Belgian market. We are responsible for the full …

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McGregor is one of the largest fashion brands in the Netherlands. The company wants to fully perform with their new webshop. We support the Dutch webshop in the area of …

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Do you want to take your current online platform to a new level? Or do you have an idea and want to develop a completely online concept?