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Do you want to open a new online shop or are you eager to set up your first shop? But are you unwilling to do a large investment? Our Shop as a Service is your solution. We develop custom online shops for a monthly fee.

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A common issue among business owners

Professional websites and online shops are expensive. This investment takes a large portion out of your liquid funds. We fully acknowledge this obstacle, and that is why we are the only developer on the market that lets you pay in monthly installments. This enables you to be one step ahead of your competitors by allowing you to invest your money in marketing instead, which increases your profits and growth. Shop as a Service is an e-commerce service that simplifies the transition to a new shop (WooCommerce or Magento) or migration to Magento 2. We offer websites and online shops tailored to your needs for low, monthly fees which include updates and maintenance. In an ever changing and dynamic world you cannot afford to fall behind. Your website must be spot on and up to date in order for you to focus on turnover and growth. Naturally, all in-shop data is and will remain your property. The customers and online operation are owned by you alone.

Migration to Magento 2

Support for Magento 1 ceases from mid-2020. Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world and is suitable for both small shops and large, international companies. Magento 2 was launched in late 2015: a fully renewed e-commerce platform that requires separate installation. It is not possible to upgrade your Magento 1 shop, so your online shop has to be rebuilt. Have you already switched to Magento 2? If not, we are eager to assist you.

Benefits of Shop as a Service

  • No large investments.
  • Monthly payments.
  • No investment allows you to use your liquid assets for other purposes to help you grow.
  • Your online shop is always up to date.
  • All data is and will remain your property.
  • We provide you with peace of mind by taking care of all maintenance.

How do we proceed?

  1. Surveying
    During the first phase, we discuss your wishes and needs. What do you wish to accomplish? Who are your customers? During this phase, we gather as much information as possible.
  2. Development
    After fase 1 we will start designing and realizing your new webshop. Based on the wishes and corporate identity, we make the first designs for the webshop. When the design phase is ready, we start with the development phase. In this phase we implement the desired modules and configure the webshop. Then we get started with design and layout.
  3. Data migration
    If we have to migrate to Magento 2 or to another platform, we will migrate your current data. All attributes, categories, products, customers and orders are transferred to the new environment. When this is done, we sit down together and process the feedback.
  4. Testing
    Before we go live we test the entire environment thoroughly. We will check performance, speed, redirects, payments and analyze the entire webshop. But not only do we test, we also ask you to test everything again. When everything is to your liking, we will put your new webshop live.

We are Prodos.

A full service online marketing bureau from Den Dolder, the Netherlands. Founded in light of growing online together. When you grow, we are rewarded. That is why we offer you a performance based cooperation for online marketing. No high rates or complicated campaign budgets; instead we benefit from results together. A solid and passionate approach for your online activities. Driven by result with a pragmatic character.

Our work is one of the largest health platforms in the Netherlands, bringing together health care consumers and care providers for over 15 years. It has an active health community with an average of 2 million visits per month. The medical forum is a digital meeting place, where visitors with health questions can exchange ideas with peers and experienced experts. For this wonderful health platform, we think along and help develop new strategies and campaigns to improve and generate more income. Various campaigns have since emerged from the collaboration with Among other things a content and health insurance campaign in collaboration with Independer and a lead generation campaign for Mantelzorgcontact. In addition, Prodos helped raise the social media activities of to a new level, as a result of which the number of followers has more than doubled on Facebook.

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Loods 5

Loods 5 has been around since 1999. What started as a factory outlet has grown into a fully-fledged home furnishing store where you can go to with every housing wish. In the stores and online you can find new furniture and home accessories, but also a lot of inspiration. Prodos supports Loods 5 in providing insight into and analysing the available online data. Based on this, new and more accurate decisions can be made that contribute to the exponential online growth of one of the largest online living & inspiration platforms in the Netherlands.

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McGregor is one of the largest fashion brands in the Netherlands. The company wants to fully perform with their new webshop. We support the Dutch webshop in the area of conversion optimization. We draw up hypotheses and test them by means of A/B tests. By improving various aspects of the website, we contribute to the incremental improvement of the overall conversion rate on the webshop.

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Koffievoordeel & Koffiemarkt

Koffievoordeel en Koffiemarkt are two labels of E-luscious and they focus on the sale of coffee and accessories on the Dutch and Belgian market. We are responsible for the full online performance for both labels. Prodos works on a daily basis to maximise the results from all advertising, affiliate and shopping campaigns.

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Artnight is an international platform for and by painters. Experienced painters can offer workshops to a wide audience on this platform. These unique workshops are offered at the most beautiful and inspiring locations. Prodos is responsible for generating more quality traffic to the website of Artnight, with the aim of filling the various workshops with participants. The emphasis is on the effective deployment and expansion of the various social campaigns in the Facebook and Instagram network.

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De Wijnbeurs

De Wijnbeurs is a webshop that focuses on the online sale of wine in the Netherlands and Belgium. They imported directly without the intervention of other parties. Prodos is responsible for the performance of the Shopping and Search campaigns within the Google search network. In addition, Prodos also advises on the use of other online marketing channels.

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RE / MAX Totaal Makelaars

RE / MAX Totaal Makelaars is the largest broker in Rotterdam and surroundings with the most local approach. In close cooperation, Prodos is responsible for maximising online visibility and realising leads. For this, Prodos uses effective lead generation, branding and retargetting campaigns via Google, Facebook and Instagram.

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4moms is a webshop in revolutionary baby products. 4moms is a fast growing company that changes the way parents think about baby supplies by creating remarkably better products! Prodos has created a completely new webshop for 4moms in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, we are currently helping with search engine marketing and social media marketing to reach the right target group and generate as many online sales as possible.

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LinkPizza is Holland’s largest marketplace for authentic sponsored content where advertisers and influencers can find each other. Prodos does performance based lead generation for LinkPizza. Our job is to ensure sufficient new growth of advertisers and agencies as well as influencers and publishers on the LinkPizza platform. We also think along on a strategic and executive level.

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Enthusiastic yet?

Do you want to take your current online platform to a new level? Or do you have an idea and want to develop a completely online concept?